Here is a list of projects that I've developed from scratch (sometimes with the help of frameworks, themes, and APIs):

image of HNSGDN logo

HNS.GDN Registry
HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), JavaScript
Domain registry for the top-level domains .dn, .ur, and .rd, deployed on the Handshake (HNS) blockchain.

image of hummingbird central logo

Hummingbird Central (Redesign)
Blueprints, Wireframes
INSC 525: Redesign project that improved the layout, organization, hierarchy structure and taxonomy of Hummingbird Central's website.

image of deluxo logo

HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), JavaScript, PHP
Cryptocurrency token project built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, initially deployed back in 2018.

image of mike's meatshack logo

Mike's Meatshack
HTML, CSS (Bootstrap)
Fine-dining experience that is jam-packed with every single kind of meat your heart desires.

image of m63 international website

Currently the longest, registered domain name, by both character length and pixel length, in the world!

image of akimbo logo

HTML, CSS (Bootstrap)
Esports organization and entertainment network that competes globally in gaming competitions.

image of stream overlay logo

Stream Overlay
HTML, JavaScript
Modular livestream overlay that uses Twitch's API to get real-time statistics.

image of k bot logo

Chat Bot
Livestream chat bot that reacts to chat commands and posts timed announcements for Twitch channels.

image of IMDb logo

IMDb (Redesign)
HTML, CSS, Prototype
INSC 439: Redesign project that improved certain pages and features of IMDb's website. Modified pages are highlighted in gold text.

image of business logo

The Business
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
The business of all businesses. Filled with stocks, trademarks, emails... everything a business needs.

gif of spinning palmtree

Previous Website
Loved my old portfolio website, but an industry professional recommended that I make a new one.

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